What makes our programme different?

Executive MBA:


We are an independent business school; therefore, we are able to make quick decisions, and due to our continual work with business, we can deliver up-to-date knowledge and best business practices. Our educational and training programmes are successful in the marketplace because they strictly fit the needs of companies and managerial cadre.


This programme is jointly offered by IBD Business School and SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, the first private university in Poland. Collaboration between IBD and SWPS provides an excellent combination of long-standing experience in executive training and development (IBD) with superb knowledge in the area of psychology applications in management and, and experience in post-graduate studies (SWPS).


The EMBA programme builds solid theoretical and practical foundations for advancement to an international management elite.


Our value proposition

Innovative, rigorous yet practical programme, co-designed by a world’s top business school together with Poland’s leading executive development organisation, delivered jointly with a leading private university. A programme combining flexible study mode with world-class faculty, adhering to the highest international educational standards.

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