For whom

Created with practicing managers in mind, the Executive MBA is designed for individuals whose careers are already well advanced and who desire to achieve more. It is for both seasoned professionals and executives at the peak of their career and mid-level managers wishing to accelerate their way to the top. Participants with divers professional and ethnic backgrounds, from all industries and different types of organizations are welcome, as they  will contribute to a rich learning environment of this programme.

The programme is for people who have clear, realistic career goals and know how an Executive MBA can help them achieve these goals. As each participant will be studying alongside a diverse group of capable and highly motivated classmates, we are looking for candidates who are not only capable of benefiting from an advanced educational offering but are also able to contribute to our teaching environment of small groups and peer learning. We are looking for participants with passion who are open-minded and eager to learn new things and broaden their horizons.


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