Programme overview


Our International MBA is designed to help you meet the challenges facing managers in the global business environment. It will develop your critical and strategic thinking and equip you with the necessary tools for solving problems in an increasingly interconnected world.

The programme enables you to develop a strategic, integrated and holistic perspective of organisations. You will study management at an individual, group and organisational behavioural level as well as at a functional, process and strategic level.

Academics and practitioners with an international perspective teach on this programme. This enables them to equip you with the necessary skills to manage and lead across national boundaries.

As an MBA student, you will network with managers from a wide-range of businesses and cultural backgrounds. You will benefit from interactive lectures, case studies, business simulation games, group discussions and various team working activities.

We distinguish ourselves from other MBAs by offering the following opportunities to our most ambitious MBA students:

You will have the chance of gaining first-hand experience in undertaking a consultancy project for a company. You will be supported by IBD and Buckinghamshire New University staff with extensive practitioner and/or business experience during this consultancy work.

We also offer an opportunity to study on other campuses, in Europe and in Asia, where the Buckinghamshire’s International MBA is offered. For those of you who choose this option, such international student mobility mode will be a source of an invaluable intercultural experience and the chance to develop both personal and professional contacts that will last beyond the MBA studies. As businesses increasingly operate in an inter-connected global environment, the opportunity to study in other parts of the world greatly enriches students learning experiences and prepares them for the challenges of international and multicultural work situations.

Upon completion of the International MBA you will have developed a sound strategic,integrated and holistic perspective of organisations. You will have gained an understanding of what it takes to be an effective leader and how to facilitate change successfully in organisations, as well as acquiring skills in business development.

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