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Time and again, it’s been proved that an MBA degree gives professionals a boost, allowing them to propel their career advancement. Whether you’re looking to rise through the ranks in your current organisation or explore new employment or self-employment opportunities, the MBA, and particularly its executive format, is the answer to career advancement. In a nutshell, an MBA can bridge the gap between your current career and your future goals.


You might be amazed at the speed with which your career advances after you graduate with an MBA or EMBA degree. Not only can you expect salary boost, but you should also experience professional advancement thanks to the development of your managerial and leadership skills, and the innovative mindset imparted to you during your MBA studies. Because MBA graduates’ skills are so well-rounded, you’ll be able to switch industries with ease, and thanks to international respect and recognition of MBA degrees, you’ll be able to move to countries where employment conditions and prospects are most favourable.


Whether you’re a mid-level manager or a seasoned professional at the peak of your career, through the IBD MBA programmes you’ll learn ways to manage proactively your career and your professional networks. During the programme, you’ll start working with executive mentors and coaches to create and execute your professional development plan, with your long-term business and career goals in mind. With focus on your goals (e.g., enhanced leadership development and behaviours, higher seniority level, improved key financial metrics, industry change, etc.) you can further achieve what you set out to do when you started your MBA.

Our Professional and Leadership Development (P&LD) course aims at building or enhancing executive, leadership and management behaviours (among other techniques, using the 360 degree survey and performance management feedback). You’ll get support in dealing with challenging relationships, business and professional situations, and expand the scope of your role through new strategies and initiatives. The IBD MBA programmes are designed to help you, a working professional, whatever your career objectives. It will prepare you for the next phase of your career, help you promote change in your organisation, increase your own business performance, or simply help you redefine your personal and professional goals.

Our understanding of your development needs gleaned from years of experience in working with executives helped us design the IBD Executive MBA Programme that is academically mature, has relevant content and is delivered in a flexible way aligned to the needs of people as busy as you are. The programme is delivered via classroom meetings and online support with the best business professors coming from the top business schools in North America and the European Union; the programme where your requirements as a business executive combining a demanding job with education and other obligations are recognized and met with a high level of service and convenience. Excellent professors will help you meet the educational challenge; experienced assistants at IBD Business School will support your needs making your study as smooth as possible , and the IBD MBA Diploma awarded in the end will provide a springboard for new professional achievement in your life.

As a graduate of our MBA programmes, we will continue to support you in your long-term professional development. Our goal is to help you continue to increase the ROI on this investment for you, and your business or employer.


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